Team Javi + Mara

Age: 17 and 18
Occupation: Students
Location: Santiago, Chile.
Email: devilonhighheels@gmail.com
Website: We don't have... yet.

Well, this is an initiative that we had a couple of months. We've always liked fashion magazines, fashion blogs and fashion in general. But from there to create one ourselves? NEVER! (and here we are ...)

We are students and a draft costume designers. We both have very successful future projects. such as study in accredited universities in design and marketing.

At school we have classes of design and artistic language, it helps to have a broader knowledge in theoretical and above all, a morespecific in certain areas.

We have a vision very similar fashion, so we were easy to raise issues and begin to build this blog.

Apart from fashion, shoes and coffee .. We like to go out with friends, enjoy and party!

We continue to build this blog, which is created for you with love,

xox ...


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